You can’t fake energetic, fun and cool vibes

And that's what AUXI brings to his sets. Whilst having the dancefloor immersed in his music - Jake O’Bryan makes an impact that leaves a lasting impression.

Music has and always will be AUXI's greatest passion. Growing up with the likes of Queen, Daft Punk, Boney M, Scooter, AC/DC, Pendulum, Michael Jackson, P!nk, and many more, AUXI's varied taste in music has given him a great foundation to work from and it translates right through into his work behind the decks.

AUXI is a dedicated perfectionist who continually strives to be the very best in his craft. Bringing style, creativity and confidence in his passion for performance and mixing.

While not having played for too long, AUXI entered the dance music scene making a strong name for himself by securing 3 weekly residencies within 10 months of picking up his first set of decks;

  • MP's Night Club (Gold Coast - Full NYE Set)
  • Holey Moley (Brisbane), and
  • The Beat Megaclub’s (Brisbane) prestigious “Main Room" two nights a week, giving him a great new platform to show off his skills and attract big crowds

Through a combination of producing independent bootlegs and sourcing the newest and greatest music every week, AUXI's sets are always fresh and bound to prick up even the deafest of ears.

With an exciting future ahead, set up with a stack of other exciting projects in the pipeline, AUXI is the energy and DJ you need in your life!