Julia Lostrom

Breathy, Chilled, Left-of-Centre

Julia Lostrom is a Melbourne-based, Zambian-raised and Greek-born singer-songwriter who harnesses her diverse cultural upbringing to inspire her breathy material which flutters between LoFi pop-electronic melodies and slightly left-of-centre R&B.

Her latest single ‘Walls’, a song about the challenge of feeling an instant connection with someone you’ve met, but struggling to go any deeper as they won’t let their barriers down. Produced by Duan, Rob Amaruso, and Simba Andrews, and co-written by Bailey Sampson, ‘Walls’ is a true collaborative masterpiece that combines ambient sonics with tantalizing pop-beats that transition into a biblical cadence gracefully laced with Julia’s gentle vocals.

“The production and heavenly vocal make this a really elegant bop from Julia. Hoping that more and more people start to get around her because there’s plenty of quality here.” - Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed

Expect a lot more to come from Julia Lostrom, who is currently embracing her love for collaboration while working on more music and various other creative projects slated for release throughout the year.